Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Beginners tips for getting started with transitioning from relaxed to natural hair

Get ready to embrace your natural hair texture I promise you’ll love.

Get Support – There is truth behind the saying “going natural is an emotional journey”. While this process can be emotionally and mentally moving, there is nothing like genuine love and comfort from family and close friends. Having a reliable support system will allow you vent as you go through this lengthy journey.

Do you research – Do you actually know what it takes? Take advantage of the internet and read, read, read. Get tips and advice from bloggers and writers who have experienced the natural hair journey. Join groups and forums. Research different tools and products you’ll need and why before you start spending your hard earned money. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions. The more you learn about transitioning and natural hair the easier your journey will be.

No more chemicals – Stop the madness!! Chemicals are one of the main reasons why most women choose to go natural. If you’re like me and just livid from unhealthy hair and excessive hair breakage, then all chemicals should now be on your “Everything must go” list.

Big Chop a Go or No? -  This is not an easy thing to do I must admit, but it’s really worth the hassle of trying to maintain two different hair textures. It’s frustrating for a woman to lose a great amount of hair length at one time, especially if you have always had medium length or long hair. This decision is definitely when you’ll need your support system on speed dial.

If you think you’re not ready for this drastic change, then you can always consider transition hair styles in the meantime. This will give you time to allow more new growth to come in so when you are ready to cut off relaxed hair, you’ll have maintained enough length for comfort level. Be mindful that taking this route can cause hair to become very fragile if not taken care of properly. Therefor handle your hair with care, keep it well moisturized, wear protective hairstyles to protect hair, especially those ends, and stay away from the heat ladies!

Are you ready for the mainstream movement?


  1. These are really great tips! A lot of girls who start to transition do not do their research and it ends up hurting them in the long run! (:

    1. i totally agree! I have been natural for almost a year now. The transition was pretty easy for me because I made sure I researched everything their is to know. I even did the Big Chop and I super love it!