Friday, February 7, 2014

What exactly is foreplay and why is it so important

So imagine this, your lying in bed with your partner watching a great movie with some light conversation. You’re relaxed, comfortable and enjoying the moment. Then all of sudden, your partner tries to make a hard move by grabbing on your breast and entering the vagina without warning. Your sitting there thinking (OMG!! what the &$%@?).  

Or, that dreadful moment when you’re during the dishes and he come slaps you on the rear end and tells you to bend over. Now you’re starting to think, (what is this dude smoking?).

There are a few reasons why your partner just totally ruined the night with these hard moves. Don’t get me wrong, a quickie here and there works sometimes, but hard moves like that just don’t cut it often. Sex can be a beautiful thing, but if you’re continuously doing the same ole tricks, sex can become just another boring job and who wants to be a part of that mess. 

So what is foreplay?
Foreplay is basically playing before hand, preparing the mind and body for sex; it’s just like warming up before exercising. I think we can all agree that most women don’t like the idea of just jumping in bed and heading straight for it, as well as some men may also need a little extra boosting. Some men responds sexually like a stove, you turn it on and it’s immediately hot, but women sexual response is more like the oven, turn it on and it takes a few minutes to warm up. Foreplay does not have to be all sexual. This also involves laughing, flirting, holding hands, exposing your sensitive side, being compassionate, making your partner feel relaxed and comfortable. Foreplay is making your partner want you, its everything leading up to that moment. 

Why is foreplay so important?

Couples who engage in foreplay usually have more pleasurable sex and stronger orgasms. Lack of sexual gratification can lead to frustration, resentment, affairs and ultimately breaking up. The process of a woman’s arousal takes longer than a man. So preparing for intercourse increases the desires, gives a woman time for complete vagina lubrication and prolongs that stimulating feeling. Foreplay allows you to build up anticipation and passion for one another.

 So don’t always head for the same ole daily routine. Play around with it and take time throughout the day to learn what turns your partner on. We are always searching for that sexual thrill. The excitement comes from not knowing what to expect. 


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  6. Foreplay is a must. Your mind needs stimulating as well as your body.